OCaml version 4.10.0 is now available.

Some of the highlights in this release are:

  • A new best-fit allocator for the major heap which reduces both GC cost an memory usage.
  • Some preliminary runtime work for OCaml multicore
  • Immutable strings are now enforced at configuration time
  • User-defined indexing operators for multidimensional arrays
  • Coming soon: statmemprof, a new statistical memory profiler
  • The external API will be release next version
  • Various improvements to the manual
  • More precise exhaustiveness check for GADTs
  • Many bug fixes

Check out the official announcement thread for more details.

As usually, there are six different switches:

  • 4.10.0+mingw32 / 4.10.0+mingw32c
  • 4.10.0+mingw64 / 4.10.0+mingw64c
  • 4.10.0+msvc32 / 4.10.0+msvc32c
  • 4.10.0+msvc64 / 4.10.0+msvc64c
  • 4.10.0+flambda+mingw32 / 4.10.0+flambda+mingw32c
  • 4.10.0+flambda+mingw64 / 4.10.0+flambda+mingw64c