OCaml version 4.11.0 is now available. Some of the highlights in this release are:

  • Statmemprof: a new statistical memory profiler
  • A new instrumented runtime that logs runtime statistics in a standard format
  • A native backend for the RISC-V architecture
  • Improved backtraces that refer to function names
  • Support for recursive and yet unboxed types
  • A quoted extension syntax for ppxs
  • Many quality of life improvements
  • Many bug fixes.

The full list of change can be found in the official announcement thread.

As usually, there are six different switches:

  • 4.11.0+mingw32 / 4.11.0+mingw32c
  • 4.11.0+mingw64 / 4.11.0+mingw64c
  • 4.11.0+msvc32 / 4.11.0+msvc32c
  • 4.11.0+msvc64 / 4.11.0+msvc64c
  • 4.11.0+flambda+mingw32 / 4.11.0+flambda+mingw32c
  • 4.11.0+flambda+mingw64 / 4.11.0+flambda+mingw64c